Are Chinese Travelers Revolutionizing the Middle Eastern Tourism Scene?

What’s Behind the Resurgence

Recent data suggests a rebound in the number of Chinese tourist arrivals in Dubai. This surge comes as the city’s strategies, such as marketing campaigns on WeChat, training programs, and collaborations with Chinese tour operators, have successfully targeted the affluent Chinese traveler. The decision to offer visas-on-arrival for Chinese nationals in 2016 further boosted tourism, resulting in nearly a million Chinese tourists visiting Dubai in 2019.

Evolution of Dubai’s Allure

Dubai’s allure for Chinese tourists is evolving beyond luxury shopping and iconic landmarks. Peggy Li, CEO of sps:affinity, believes that Dubai could position itself as the Middle East’s commercial hub, attracting corporate travelers from China. However, Dubai needs to diversify and offer more than just shopping to compete with other regional destinations and emerging trends like glamping and sports tourism.

Challenges and Solutions

While Dubai has seen a strong recovery of Chinese tourism, there are challenges that need to be addressed. One of them is the lack of Chinese-speaking staff in prominent hotels, which may discourage potential tourists. To ensure repeat visits, Dubai should move beyond “checklist tourism” and provide a more holistic experience. Additionally, the city needs to present a more diverse image on Chinese social media platforms to attract a wider range of Chinese tourists.

Abu Dhabi’s Efforts

Abu Dhabi is also striving to attract Chinese tourists by appointing popular Chinese actress Liu Yifei as its brand ambassador. The Tourism Authority of Abu Dhabi released a promotional video featuring Liu showcasing various travel experiences in Abu Dhabi, including leisure, shopping, cuisine, and culture. It remains to be seen if these efforts will pay off for Abu Dhabi this winter.

The influx of Chinese tourists is reshaping the Middle Eastern tourism market, with Dubai at the forefront. However, to fully capitalize on this trend, Dubai needs to adapt its strategies, offer diverse experiences, and ensure a welcoming environment for Chinese travelers. By doing so, Dubai can maintain its position as a top destination for Chinese tourists and continue to revolutionize the Middle Eastern tourism scene.

By Sarah

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