Are You Missing Out on the Key to Success? Learn Why Investing in People Is Crucial for Closing the Talent Gap
In today’s rapidly evolving hospitality industry, investing in people has become crucial for success. As the industry focuses on attracting and retaining top talent, it is important to recognize the value of investing in people for closing the talent gap. This article explores insights from industry leaders on the importance of investing in people and building a strong workforce.
The Future Hospitality Summit, set to take place in Abu Dhabi next week, will address the theme of ‘Focus on Investment.’ One of the key focuses of the summit is on the importance of investing in people to close the talent gap and build a skilled workforce. Mariam Al Musharrekh, Executive Director of Human Resources at Miral, emphasizes the importance of recruitment, retention, and development in meeting the increasing demand for sustainable and personalized guest experiences in the industry.
Investing in finding and retaining the right talent is crucial for success in the hospitality industry. Dimitris Manikis, President EMEA at Wyndham Hotel & Resorts, highlights the need for passionate individuals who understand the balance between technology and hospitality. By investing in mentorship programs, cross-training, and tailored development paths, we can equip our teams to navigate change confidently and achieve exceptional outcomes.
The industry has seen a shift in recruitment and retention practices over the years. With the integration of digital systems, recruitment has become more targeted and personalized, aiding in identifying suitable candidates. Sunil John, President – Middle East and North Africa at ASDA’A-BCW, stresses the importance of training programs that build on existing expertise and provide new competencies. Interpersonal skills and attention to detail remain timeless qualities for those looking to start a career in the hospitality industry.
With the increasing investment in tourism and hospitality in the Middle East, attracting and retaining talent has become a top priority. Strategic approaches include showcasing growth opportunities, collaborating with educational institutions, and offering internships to nurture local talent. Paul Griep, Director of Industry & Alumni Relations Hotelschool The Hague, emphasizes the need to redefine traditional hospitality jobs to make them more challenging and innovative.
In line with Emiratisation and Saudisation directives, attracting and retaining Arab youth talent requires a comprehensive approach. Building a positive environment that offers inclusive culture and growth opportunities is key. Partnering with educational institutions, offering internships, and providing mentorship programs all contribute to acquiring and retaining talent.
As sustainability and environmental issues take center stage, developing talent in a responsible, ESG-driven way becomes crucial. Dimitris Manikis emphasizes the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into training programs. Sunil John highlights the importance of nurturing talent with a specific interest and expertise in sustainability. Paul Griep believes that the current generation of talent is ahead of the industry in terms of passion and responsibility for sustainability.
Investing in people is the key to success and closing the talent gap in the hospitality industry. By prioritizing recruitment, retention, and development, the industry can build a skilled and diverse workforce. With a focus on sustainability and ESG principles, the industry can ensure responsible talent development for a more sustainable future.
So, are you investing in people and harnessing their potential for success? Don’t miss out on the key to closing the talent gap and achieving success in the hospitality industry.

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